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Here at Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream we are passionate about protecting

our planet.


We use our energies to continuously strive to minimize our negative impact on the

environment.  Thus, we experiment with a lot of things, including how we pack

our ice cream!


We started with paper, then moved to plastic, then when new technologies came in,

we went back to paper. And now, after further testing and research, we are going

back to plastic once again.


 You may be wondering, or questioning, why would we want to go back to plastic?

Isn’t plastic less sustainable?


But here’s where things get interesting, and we believe you’d agree on this too:


Just by the sound of it, paper pints seem to be more eco-friendly than plastic pints.

However, upon further research, that isn’t the case. Although paper packages are far

more biodegradable than plastic ones, they often end up in piles and piles of landfill. Yes, they may be recyclable, but once thrown out, they take up far more space in these landfills because of their low degradation rates; it takes many many years for these paper cups to decompose. And not just that! Paper-based packaging is often laminated with an inner plastic lining to ensure food hygiene and prevent leakage. In order for the paper packaging to be suitable for food, the materials cannot be sourced from recyclable materials.


To our minds, this practice is not very sustainable, and we must do something to reduce it.

That is why, as of now, we feel that using 100% recyclable plastic is the most sustainable and responsible practice for our small business to reduce our environmental footprint.


Not to mention, since our products are all-natural, we found that our ice cream holds longer in plastic pints than paper!


So yes, plastic pints it is then for us!

But worry not, our pints can be reused in some really helpful and interesting ways!

 We have entered into partnerships with urban garden groups to donate our pints for their use to propagate herbal or indoor plants!

 And YOU yourself can do it!


 Before you throw it out, pause and look at how you can use it again. Maybe the “plantito” or tita in you will use it to replant smaller plants? Or use it to hold pencils, or make up brushes? Or use it for peanuts or small nibbles?  Or for screws, nuts and bolts in your garage?


The possibilities are endless! Let your imagination run wild!

Thus we are opening a new Instagram page called #Pintsibilities to share and celebrate these ideas.


We hope to hear from you!



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