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WHITE CONTRAST: June Flavor of the Month

June has been a study of contrast - the sun is out, so is the rain. We got some good news on the fight versus pandemic, but heard some bad news too.

Experts say a good approach in dealing with all these new yet contrasting experiences is to recognize it.

So this month, we acknowledge the contrasting experiences we are all facing, and tried to capture this in a pint!

So with great excitement, we bring you WHITE CONTRAST  our June flavor  - but before you think of other things, we made sure what you will receive  is a pleasant contrast!

So we are proud to share with you the creamy-sweet taste of white chocolate paired marvelously with the piquant bite of fresh ginger. The pints are topped with bits of ginger cookies and finely chopped white chocolate! Indeed the times are different. Full on contrast. Full of "new normal".  But we do hope this month's flavor allows you to just sit back and relax - and look at the brighter side of things. And may the rest of June bring more contrast - but pleasant or delightful ones - as you enjoy every scoop of this new flavor -

Enjoy and please stay safe!

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