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A Call from Our Hometown

The sound. The sight.

Never been heard. Never been seen.

In the valley so dear to us.

Yes, for the first time in over 40 years, Cagayan - the hometown of Papa Diddi went underwater due to the massive amount of water that came out from the 7 gates of the mighty Magat Dam and the successive typhoons that hit the region.

Cries of help and cries of desperation - would fill our social media accounts, and there is no other choice but to respond - in our own humble way.

So last November 15, we mounted KAYA YAN CAGAYAN Pint Drive, of which 100% of the sale of our 2 top flavors - Dulce Gato and Tablea de Cagayan - both inspired by Cagayan's best known produce - went to the relief efforts for the province.

Our efforts fetched over 20,000 pesos, which has been remitted to the St. Joseph the Worker Parish - one of the most badly hit areas - and currently housing Baggao residents who lost their homes.

So a BIG THANK YOU to all those who responded.

The work is not done yet - the province is still in need of a lot of things. You can still send your donations to the accounts shared here.

We hope this effort is just the start of dipping into our pockets and resources and help in the long and sometimes hard process of rebuilding - not just for Cagayanos, but for every Filipino who has been through rain and flood water - from the north down to the south.

We believe every help, regardless of what kind or amount, goes a long way!

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