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Did you Know: Celebrating Holidays Could Make You Happier?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

The Holiday season is here.

Christmas carols fill the airwaves and matched with chillier mornings and evenings. The mood is changing swiftly, reminding everyone that the most anticipated season is finally here!

While it may be stressful to think of what you need to do – from selecting gifts or planning online reunions, it is good to be reminded that something positive comes out of all these.

According to author and social psychologist Fred Bryant, those who celebrate something are seen to be generally happier than those who don’t celebrate anything.

Bryant added that when one stops to savor the good stuff, he builds resilience which helps him to manage stress and the daily challenges that can cause it. His research, along with research from Victoria University in New Zealand did discover that savoring the little things, like family holiday celebrations, can lead to stronger relationships and improved mental and physical well-being.

A happiness researcher, Matthew Killingsworth, a Robert Wood Johnson Health and Society Scholar has collected data from over 20,000 people who report how happy they feel at randomly selected moments during daily life. He noted that based on the data he gathered revealed that people are actually happier than usual on holidays. Killingsworth says, “Spending time with our friends and family turns out to be a robustly positive predictor of our happiness.”

Thus at Papa Diddi’s, we are sharing 3 scoops that can help you enjoy the holidays and celebrate this season with family and loved ones.

First, we are bringing in 2 new Christmas flavors: Strawberry Cheesecake and Christmas Choco. The Strawberry Cheesecake is an ode to the classic celebration cake we Filipinos love, while the Christmas Choco is a homage to the Filipino tsokolate-eh - though available all year – becomes an iconic Christmas drink. Handcrafted by ice cream artisans, using the freshest carabao’s milk from local dairy farms, these 2 new flavors are a great addition to over 30 more Papa Diddi’s Flavors.

For those who can’t seem to decide if it’s a cake or ice cream for this season, Papa Diddi’s is making things easy by introducing new ice cream cake flavors namely Brazo de Mercedes, Ube Brazo, and Choco lovin’. Yes, it’s chiffon cake topped with ice cream - served in silver tin cans - making every scoop or serving a merry-mix of joyful taste!

And lastly, in the spirit of sharing, Papa Diddi’s is introducing Happy Tubs, a 260ml-sized holiday tub. It’s smaller than the usual pint, but still big in flavor which one can send as a gift pack of 3, 6, or 12 pints to friends and family all over the metro. The Happy Tubs are delivered in a free insulated bag, along with your Christmas message.

Indeed, these 3 new scoops from Papa Diddi’s Handcrafted Ice Cream are a great way to celebrate the season.

So let’s usher in the celebration. Let’s embrace Holiday Happiness!

Source on Happines information:

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