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Papa Diddi's Ice Cream Delivers!

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

GCQ Operation Hours:

We are open from 9 AM to 5PM.

For same day delivery, book your order before 1PM.

For store pick ups, we are open until 5:00 PM in Poblacion, Maginhawa, Eastwood, Metropoli Drive, Libis, The Block (SM North EDSA) and starting 08 June, Southmall.



Tres Leches Our signature flavor made with condensada, carabao’s milk and coconut milk.

Dulce Gato An ode to Cagayan's favorite pasalubong - the milk candy!

Cheese Closed The cheddar cheese ice cream that closes any further discussion on cheese-flavored ice cream.

Quezo Blanco A homegrown favorite - white cheese or kesong puti - accentuated with delicious swirls of guava jelly.

Brazo de Mercedes Capture the taste of soft meringue with custard filling - all in a pint!

Toasted Forbidden Rice A unique flavor with black rice bits that will transport you to the mountains of the Cordilleras

Roasted Sun Flower Seeds We love to nibble it and enjoy piece by piece. Now we made it into ice cream, so you can enjoy it scoop by scoop! Matched with coconut shreds for that perfect flavor to match the sunny weather!


Staying Home with my Choco An all-natural single-origin dark Malagos chocolate matched with drops of Arabica brew and local wine and highlighted with rice crispies and choco bits to encourage you to just stay home and keep on scooping!

Malagos Choco Caramelo Davao’s pride, Malagos Chocolate with the classic caramel

ChocoLovin Dark Chocolate delight made with Batangas tablea punctuated with choco chips.

Davao Meets Bicol Malagos dark chocolate from Davao found its match with the Sili from Bicol

Minty Choco Sweet, chocolatey indulgence balanced by the bright flavor of mint.


Roasted Strawberry •Picked from the country's best strawberry farms in the mountains of Cordilleras, the berries are roasted to perfection to give you that ice cream with an attitude.

Avocado Loco •Go crazy with this rich avocado ice cream with bits of Jacobina cookies crushed on top

Honey Mangood (Mango) •The country's national fruit blended and with the all-natural honey for a very refreshing dessert.

Mango Pili •The country's national fruit matched with the unparalleled Pili of Bicol, resulting in one glorious flavor for your dessert!


Kafe Kalinga •Kafe Kalinga flavor uses arabica roast combined with generous drips of condensed milk, bringing

Barako Coffee Addiction •Freshly pounded barako beans churned into a delightful ice cream

Double Jeopardy •Get a taste of this delightful flavor incurred from two sources simultaneously: Dark Batangas Chocolate and Barako Coffee

Malagos Dark Choco Espresso •Davao's world-renowned dark chocolate matched with the country's pride - Barako brew! This will give you a good kick!


Galletas Y Krema •An all-time ice cream fave - cookies and cream - done our way!

Burnt Sugar •Our very version of salted caramel. It has notes of sweetness with very subtle complex hints of bitterness.

Dulce Mani •A surprising comfort flavor that reminds you of good old times! This very "provincial" flavor is inspired by peanut butter candy made by rural women in many parts of the country.

Peanut Butter Choco Combo •That creamy combination which is good in itself is further enhanced with a generous amount of chocolate ganache

To order, please check out our mini app - powered by ChatGenie so we can start processing your order.

Or send details to our messenger: Name: Address: Mobilie Contact Number Flavors

Order now and enjoy a pint of homegrown, handcrafted and heartfelt ice cream in your own home!

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